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K Železnej Studienke - ikona výťah


In today’s hectic time, each of us saves time. And saving time begins with routine little things, because small time savings brings longer time that we can devote to ourselves and our loved ones. One of the little things offered by the K Železnej Studienke Residence is the elevator placed in every tract of the building. Elevator available for nine apartments in the Block A, second elevator available for twelve apartments in the Block B and third elevator available for twelve apartments in the Block C. No need to wait for the elevator and enjoy common areas that are not subject to wear and tear as common areas and their equipment in high-rise apartment buildings.

K Železnej Studienke -


Park your bike comfortably in the underground garage, with an easy access and a maximum feeling of safety for your bike.

K Železnej Studienke - ikona cyklotrasa


Right in front of the house you will connect to the bike path, which will take you far from the city to Železná studienka. In addition to any other destinations, you can, for example, choose “our most popular” 15 km circuit in order to gain strength and happiness from the nature.

K Železnej Studienke - ikona sklad v garáži


There is a pragmatic practice used in older apartment buildings, which used to be a common standard in the past, such as a cellar. We have returned to the “extra space” where you can store and keep everything you need – in the warehouse. The warehouses are located around the perimeter in an underground garage, so they are easily accessible and numerous.

K Železnej Studienke - ikona parkovacie miesta


For 33 flats, we have 47 parking spaces available in the underground garage, our of which 11 are parking boxes with electrically controlled “Park lift” stackers. Each parking space has a sufficient height and width, and therefore the daily cramped getting out of a bigger car is not a part of life in the K Železnej Studienke Residence.

K Železnej Studienke - ikona nabijacia


For those who like electric cars, there is an electric car charging station in the underground garage with the possibility of recharging two cars at once. Everyone who charges their electric car pays directly for electricity consumption in a vending machine at the charging station.

K Železnej Studienke - ikona privátna záhrada


There is nothing more beautiful than just your own grassy area directly under the house, with garden architecture, children’s climbing frames and benches, where you can spend your free time together with your children.

K Železnej Studienke - ikona altánok s grilom


The private garden also provides plenty of space for a gazebo with grill, where you can make barbecues with your family and friends.

K Železnej Studienke - ikona


The private garden also provides space for “plant boxes” for children to have fun or for healthier growing of your own vegetables and herbs, or for relaxation in the clay. “Plant boxes” have been placed by garden architects also for your greater joy and health.

K Železnej Studienke


The comfort of having your own boiler room and the supply of heat in your hands is another of the benefits offered by the K Železnej Studienke Residence. After buying your new home, there are also overhead costs, which are fundamentally affected by the choice of building materials and heat source. Therefore the K Železnej Studienke Residence offers you a nice and healthy home which you can manage as best as you can.