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Technologies used

K Železnej Studienke - ikona trojsklo


The standard of apartments and flats are windows with triple glazing, for maximum soundproofing and thermal insulation. Windows of generous size so that you can take the most beautiful things from the exterior and everything what does not belong to the apartment will remain behind the triple glazing.

K Železnej Studienke - svetlolamy na terasách


Each apartment has a balcony or terrace, which in addition to the comfort that brings a barrier-free transition in one plane from the interior to the terrace, is enhanced by the degree of shading offered by balconies and terraces up to 2 m deep. Another game with shading is complemented by headlamps, which create an occasional shadow, according to the position of the sun and according to where you sit.

K Železnej Studienke - ikona podlahové kúrenie


We optimized the space of the interior in the apartment, by the fact that the builder decided to abandon conventional radiators, which represent a loss of space as well as another area for dust collection. Ceiling heating would be a limitation in variations with the location of lighting, and therefore we chose full-area under floor heating, for the warmth of the home, which starts from the feet.